Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam - Boreal 2015

Ahh, the dusty air of the parking lot, the endless San Francisco Giants stickers, and the most ridiculous attempts at winter attire, yep I’m talking about Boreal Mountain Resort atop Donner Summit in Lake Tahoe. Last Saturday Volcom invaded the resort for its Peanut Butter Rail Jam, the first stop on their list of events including Blue Mountain, Ontario, Trollhaugen, MN, and Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Snowboarders from all over the area made their way to the top of the Sierras to pull out their arsenal of tricks on the three feature set up. Volcom’s PBRJ has been a staple contest for amateurs to showcase some of their arsenal of tricks as well as fill up on junk food and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches galore. The whole day was all about snowboarding, fun, and progression.

The 15 and under division had some real standouts including, Keegan Hosefros and Drayden Gardner both of whom laid down huge gaps and spins on the rails. It was pretty amazing to watch. The 16-21 division had some real go-getters too! Skyler Gallardo blew everyones’ mind when he front boardslided up the pole jam and continued it through the entire down flat portion of the rail. The crowd went ballistic!

The open division however, was just ridiculous. So many spins on and off rails, hardways and switch 270s and 360s. Among others, riders like Matt Shaffer and Dan Danzberger both showed us how to properly slide sideways through a closeout. What a day out there, amazing snowboarding and even better people watching. Best of the day had to be watching a teenage son fall off the start of the lift and his dad then suicide jumping 5 feet later to help him! #peopleofboreal

Tale of the tape as follows:

Open Division:
1st - Matt Shaffer
2nd - Sam Numan
3rd - Eric Royce

16-21 Division:
1st - Alex Herrman
2nd - Sam Haivala
3rd - Shawn O’neill

15 & Under:
1st - Drayden Gardner
2nd - Keegan Hosefros
3rd - Luke Winkelmann

Girls Division:
1st - Ari Marrone
2nd - Cali Doerfler
3rd - Mariah Dugan


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