Tahoe’s Wild Rose - w/ Sila Teal Rood

So last year my photographer/videographer friend, Ryland and I were contacted by a mutual friend who was interested in hooking us up with a very talented belly dancer who was going to be in Tahoe for a couple weeks.  It was hard to say no to such an offer to make a video of her choreographed belly dance routine and compliment that wit the beauty and natural elements of Lake Tahoe. 

We met Sila to look over the area we decided to shoot at in early July.  Bonsai Rock and nearby East shore of the lake was our chosen spot.  Such beauty over there that we were surely going to make an awesome video.  We started our shooting around the 15th and shot for two days gathering angles and clips.  I must give props to Sila because she memorized and performed her dance routine almost 10 times and was spot on the beat every time.  She explained to us this would be a hard video to edit because of the tediously accurate body movements that went along with the music she wanted.  We took the challenge and continued to shoot awesome pieces for her those two days.  Silas is an extremely down to earth and naturally beautiful girl with lots of character and good intentions.  It was a pleasure to work with her to create such an important video for her.  Ryland and I were both very pleased with her work ethic as well.

We made it through our days of shooting and was happy with the way the clips turned out.  Now came the editing stage.  We met up and sat down with Sila two times for about two hours each session.  It was exactly as she described haha, a tedious linking of body movements to the music.  After multiple weeks of perfecting the video in post production. We released it and Sila approved of a job well done.  It was an awesome experience to work outside along Lake Tahoe and with a motivated model.  Check out the teaser below and watch the full dance by clicking the link HERE.


                                                 View Full Version Here

- Sawyer

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