Spot #1 - Smokin Snowboards

With the lack of snow falling in the Sierra Nevadas, it has been extremely difficult to really feel passionate about getting out into the urban setting to snowboard. Everyone has been riding the few resorts up and running in the area to get their feet back underneath themselves. Open terrain parks like Northstar California and Boreal Resort are amping up their features and terrain as we speak. However, last week’s storm brought with it a lot of rainfall, and in the upper regions of Donner Summit a considerable amount of snow.

The Smokin’ boys hit me up, saying they’re setting up a spot near Soda Springs. I drove out and when I arrived I saw all the guys working hard on the lip and the run in and the landing. It was a winch powered pull-in delivering you straight towards a lip built up to the edge of a metal roof with a banked landing. Definitely a sweet first spot of the season. Riders: Jordan Cruz, Troy Vasila, and Matt Busedu (@matt_busedu) all took a wack at the feature, attempting to lock down some video shots for the year. Backblunt sameway, front tail pretzel, and hand plants were some of the tricks that went down! All bangers!

Smokin’ Snowboards is a Lake Tahoe based snowboard company that has been perfecting their craft for 20 years! These guys are dedicated to winter, snow, and snowboarding. They carry a large following around the area which is only testament to the quality they showcase in their board creations. A deep love for frozen water keeps these guys’ passion alive! It was a great experience to shoot with them and see the love they have for the sport, the culture, and the community behind snowboarding. Thanks again!!

Check out this quick video, more like a GIF file of some of the tricks put down in sequence:


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