Downhill - Martis Peak

Brockway Summit and Martis Peak, the hillside across from Northstar California Ski Resort, has some of the best, and most technical mountain biking trails in North Lake Tahoe. Driving up rt. 267 passing Northstar, it is not uncommon to see trucks lining the side of the road awaiting their occupants return from the maze of trails directly above them. A left hand turn off of (rt.) 267 about two miles passed Northstar is the entrance to the Martis Peak Fire Lookout access road. It is a five-mile long road that takes you up the side of the mountain and eventually leads you to one of the best and most convenient lookouts in the Truckee-Tahoe area.

Anyways, it was a moist day in Tahoe awaiting the arrival of a winter storm, we found ourselves indoors with no real plan. My friend Tommy Larraguetta (@hotboysuntan) called me up and asked if I was interested in taking some photos of him mountain biking down the Martis Peak trail, known for its intermediate to highly advanced riding options. There was a slight drizzle coming down which turned to a light snowfall as we reached the trailhead. We unloaded the gear and the bikes and set off for the trail. I had actually never mountain biked before in my life and riding with my gear bag on my back and two flash stands between me and the bag was not as comfortable as you might think! Either way it was great to finally see what everyone who does mountain bike are referring to when they talk about it. I could imagine how fun it would be if I wasn’t so concerned with my equipment, but for this adventure it was hard to allow myself to go too fast. A little cautious considering the light stands acted as wings on my back and I was not about to get hung up on a tree!


Regardless, we made our way down, stopping at a few locations to dismount and shoot some. We set up at a kicker, fixed the lights, and composed the shot. We tried to make it quick so we could find some more spots to shoot, but unfortunately we got a late start and after getting lost taking a wrong trail into a valley where we had to walk the bikes out of, we didn’t have enough time to take as many as we wished to. We did manage a few shots however. The second photograph shows the infamous ‘Aircraft Carrier’ jump which is a 3ft gap to a 40ft wood plank bridge suspended 15ft in the air that shoots you off about another 35ft gap! Insane huh?! Won’t be catching me hitting that any time soon. All in all, thanks for getting me out on the trail Tommy!

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Feeling Good!

Well I have finally figured out my photography portfolio website! Haa it took a little while to set up and decide on what to exhibit and how to go about doing it but I finally finished it. Definitely still a few tweaks and fine tuning that needs to be done but at least it is a running and active working website!

I am really excited about starting this blog!

I am hoping to keep this Blog very current with my daily adventures, photoshoots, and inspirational things I find along the way.

In conjuction with my Instagram account I hope to document and show you all the life I live and the adventures I am able to take. If you aren’t following me already please do so: @Sawyer_maho

So winter is right around the corner and everyone in Tahoe is desperately awaiting the first storm to unload some of that amazing white fluffy stuff we like to call snow. It feels weird right now because the only open areas to ski have maybe one trail and everything else is a thin covering of snow we manipulate to turn into a functioning jib session. Even though it feels good to get back on the snowboard, this summer has left me with an even deeper love for skateboarding and a new love for surfing. Sad to see summer slipping away and the activities that go along with it, but it is a true gift to be able to enjoy so many recreations throughout the entire year. I hope to never stop being able to do the things i love and if that ever does happen to never leave the scene I am encapsulated in.

Anyways!, Woohoo! Im feeling good about the website, my photography, the winter season ahead, all my amazing friends, and the epic times to come!


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