Neff’s Annual Beach Bash - Boreal 2015

Everyone’s stoke level has been quite high after a miracle March left a fresh dumping of snow in Tahoe with the followingSpring like temperatures that has led to new park set ups and fun riding conditions. New snow and hot blue bird days set the scene perfectly for Neff Headwear’s annual Beach Bash contest held at Boreal Mountain.

A busy saturday brought over 80 signed up riders eager to show off their sun tans and skills on the insanely creative and risky set up. Boreal and Woodward Tahoe’s Terrain park crew led by Lane Knaack did an amazing job.

The format was simple: utilize all of the features, have fun, and throw down! The judging panel assembled for the contest was full of legends and badasses! Stevie Bell, Mike Burton, and Curtis Hill had their work cut out for them. With $2000 dollars in cold hard cash on the line rider’s motivation was there. Stevie was calling out tricks on different features ready and willing to make it rain on whoever stomped his request. First back rodeo off the spool feature and lip slide 450 out on the up rail gap were just a few to mention.

Rider, Andréy Trofimov really stood out with what I gathered was something like a butter cork 720 off the spool and even a 270 onto the flat down flat to closeout! What! Jordan Nield spun something similar but his one footed kick out on the same feature looked legend! Renee Stein put in work on all the features, especially super steezy back 180s off the spool. Local riders, Jeff Sponzo and Dan Danzberger, killed it and deserve an honorable mention.

So many kids gave it their all, but this was the way it all cracked down.



1st - Andréy Trofimov
2nd - Jordan Nield
3rd - Matt Busedu


1st - Renee Stein
2nd - Becky Bruce
3rd - Ivika Jurgenson


1st - Caleb Bonnerville
2nd - Levi Brown
3rd - Ozzy Chadwell



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