Feeling Good!

Well I have finally figured out my photography portfolio website! Haa it took a little while to set up and decide on what to exhibit and how to go about doing it but I finally finished it. Definitely still a few tweaks and fine tuning that needs to be done but at least it is a running and active working website!

I am really excited about starting this blog!

I am hoping to keep this Blog very current with my daily adventures, photoshoots, and inspirational things I find along the way.

In conjuction with my Instagram account I hope to document and show you all the life I live and the adventures I am able to take. If you aren’t following me already please do so: @Sawyer_maho

So winter is right around the corner and everyone in Tahoe is desperately awaiting the first storm to unload some of that amazing white fluffy stuff we like to call snow. It feels weird right now because the only open areas to ski have maybe one trail and everything else is a thin covering of snow we manipulate to turn into a functioning jib session. Even though it feels good to get back on the snowboard, this summer has left me with an even deeper love for skateboarding and a new love for surfing. Sad to see summer slipping away and the activities that go along with it, but it is a true gift to be able to enjoy so many recreations throughout the entire year. I hope to never stop being able to do the things i love and if that ever does happen to never leave the scene I am encapsulated in.

Anyways!, Woohoo! Im feeling good about the website, my photography, the winter season ahead, all my amazing friends, and the epic times to come!


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