Boreal’s Annual Banked Slalom

Boreal is the home of some of the best snowboarders in the lake Tahoe area, but today it wasn’t about tricks and flips…today it all came down to how fast and how well you turned! Boreal, celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, held one of the most raved about contests around. High Fives Foundation presents Boreal’s Banked Slalom! Over 100 riders came dressed up (mandatory) in some awesome and wacky outfits to race down a tight banked slalom course designed and perfected by Boreal’s park crew. The sun was out and the moods were high, heck how can they not be when the entire day was based around fun.

Lots of quick turns and multiple DQs (disqualifications)… Joel Kline, Commentator-Announcer extraordinaire was handing out free cars and lots of cash..well not really but he wanted to. Free Dairy Queen to multiple lucky riders who couldn’t complete the course. What a sweet day (pun intended). Lots of old school legends showed up including Chris Roach and even Snowboard Magazine’s publisher, Kyle Kennedy, made an appearance and bombed his way down the slope.

The top section had gradual turns that made way to the steep section with tight race style turns, back to sweeping turns to a jump into bank where the riders could show off a little if they felt like it. Then came the section where the half pipe usually is which gave way to large steep walls including “the crippler” which knocked a few contestants to their ass. Another quick turn into whoops or an optional rail feature to avoid the whoops entirely.

After a long long day of two runs per contestant, the winners were chosen not on style but on their best timed run.

1st: Nate Holland
2nd: Tucker Andrews
3rd: Dylan Bonnie
Photos and captions below:

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