Backcountry Tahoe_part 2

So obviously this post is way over due, but I had the urge to post something that reminded me of how awesome last winter was and how excited I am for this upcoming winter.  

On May 7th, 2015, a strange cold air blew into Tahoe.  All the ski resorts had closed and the Gremlin Gamez had already taken place, which usually marks the end of the winter season up here in the Sierras near Lake Tahoe.  However, this cold air and a bit of precipitation brought us what we had been wanting all season!  A good dumping of dry white powder we humbly refer to as snow.  The heavens opened and poured down on us for the entire day.  Mt. Rose summit was hit especially hard by this impromptu storm.  

I gathered my camera, called up a few friends, and started our journey to the backcountry.  Chip Snyder and Evan Stagnaro made the trek with me up the mountainside in search of deep pow and heavy snow drifts.  We bundled up as the wind was absolutely howling by us.  The feeling of braving the storm is unlike anything else.  Basically on your own with the clothes on your back and a snowboard in your arms is your only salvation.  

We made a couple runs in different locations we thought were best suited.  It wasn’t easy as the few days before it had rained and literally washed away anything that resembled snow.  It was basically like the beginning of the year all over again.  Dodging rocks and slashing stashes when we found them!  

Evan and Chip laid down some heavy turns and even took a minute to session some features other locals had dragged out to the spot earlier in the season. 

After scratching our metaphorical snowboard itch for a few hours we decided to head back down to the car to call it quits.  An awesome post season day of powder that brought back all the great memories of the season.  

Check out the photos of the day and Enjoy!!

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