Yoga Sessions #1 - Kings Beach

Yoga is described as an exercise for mental and physical health.  It is Hindu in origin and uses simple meditation, breathe control, and bodily positions in order to attain liberation from the material world and to connect yourself with your Supreme being.  It has become more and more common among people across the United States in the last five years.  Many people use it as a simple way for exercise, controlling their state of mind, and of course relaxation.  It involves stretching and bending to attain certain poses and asanas, which are often linked in sequence for a full meditation.  Practice and stretching allows the body to create these amazing forms not typical of our bodies.  It is an art form being able to make poses that resemble things in nature and showcase the beauty of our bodies and our surroundings.

My girlfriend, Karlee, loves to perform yoga and has been practicing multiple positions and poses for a few years now off and on.  She was willing to let me photograph her one nice evening on the beaches of Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe.  The sun was setting and the colors were starting to glow.  We found a spot on the beach that looked interesting and set up to shoot.  I have an obsession with reflections so I posed her in front of a still puddle and she posed for me.  Her body contorted and bent in ways I could not imagine.  The images looked amazing and I was very excited when I glanced at them in the back of the camera.  We kept shooting for a while longer until the wind had picked up and made it quite cold, so we snapped only a few more and packed up to leave.  I was still pleased with what we got in a short period of time.

 I’m stoked that this is only the beginning to summer and I have so much motivation to get out there and shoot as much as I can!

- Sawyer

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