Sawyer Mahoney is a photographer stemming from a rural town in Massachusetts. His artistic eye has developed into a diverse and fulfilling portfolio. He has always found himself inside the action sports lifestyle which has paved the way for his passion for photographing moving subjects. Two months after graduating high school, Sawyer packed up and moved west to begin university in California. During his school years studying photography and art at Sacramento State University he also developed a love for photographing the amazing and truly beautiful gems of Earth. His landscape imagery from all over the world has led to Sawyer's notoriety in the photography world.  Commercial, fashion, landscape, travel, documentary genres of photography all stimulate Sawyer's senses and inspire his work. He loves to dabble in all sorts of photography and would love to work with any client if given the opportunity.

Sawyer is currently living and working in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

Please feel free to reach out to him with any business inquiries, questions or comments, glad to hear them.

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